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tagliatella titoli TLC Top Line Hood type dishwashers



up to

door clearance:
420 mm (TL100) – 520 mm (TL150)

2 models:
TLC100 – TLC150

washing cycles

tagliatella titoli Reliability and versatility in just one solution

TLC range consists of 2 Hood Type Dishwashers with high performances.

TLC 100 – rack 500 x 500 mm / TLC150 – rack 600 x 500 mm.

Strong, ergonomic and reliable, are projected to assure top hygiene in each washing phase.

Thanks to its versatility and to its structural and technological features, TLC dishwashers can satisfy all washing requirements in every catering area.

tagliatella titoli BENEFITS


  • Structure and revolving wash and rinse arms in AISI 304 finely brushed stainless steel
  • Double skin tank in finely brushed stainless steel
  • Door clearance: 420 mm – 500 mm
  • Lineal or corner installation and possibility to integrate tables with sink
  • Counterbalanced hood easy to open


  • Interior of the machine completely rounded for easy cleaning action 
  • Big wash tank filter and microfilter to collect and convey the dirty directly into the drain, easy to replace and clean with indication if the filter is incorrectly positioned
  • Suction pump filter to protect the wash pump and prevent leftovers from depositing in the wash circuit
  • Excellent accessibility inside the machine for easy daily cleaning


  • Same electronic of TL line
  • Soft Start Keyboard on the top with digital display of wash and rinse temperatures
  • 4 wash cycles + ECO2 cycle
  • Cycle stop with led displayed alarm
  • Possibility to set the automatic washing by closing the door
  • Backlight controls
  • Possibility to personalize the wash and the rinse phase


  • Low voltage electronic control (12 V). 
  • Keyboard and display panel splash-proof (protection IP53)
  • Cycle-stop microswitch in case of accidental door opening
  • Boiler interlock by “dynamic” regulation to ensure the correct rinse temperature


  • Rinse-aid dispenser, detergent pump and rinse aid pump standard
  • Break Tank standard
    • assures constant temperature and pressure during the rinse phase
    • prevents the washing cycles without water
    • prevents boiler water backflow towards the water supply
    • prevents any contamination of the water in the mains
    • includes standard rinse booster pump
  • Set of racks included in every machine
  • On request:
    • detergent pump and drain pump
    • condensing unit
    • heat pump
    • thermal-acoustic insulation
    • insulation
    • external shower
    • wheels

tagliatella titoli TECHNICAL FEATURES